Create bar chart image summary

It is a tool that can easily create bar graph images. When should I use bar graphs? The advantages, disadvantages, and outlines of bar graphs are also summarized.

When do you use bar charts?

Bar graphs are used to represent the whole number. Examples include sales sales and demographics. It is very versatile and a graph that is often used in business.

Benefits of bar charts

  • ・ Versatility can be highly compared
  • · Easy to compare multiple items

Disadvantages of bar graphs

  • · Not good at ratio

Bar chart overview

A bar graph is a graph that expresses some value with a rectangle or the like. It is a graph that is highly versatile and often used. Many people use vertical graphs, but horizontal graphs are better for ease of transmission. There are also bar charts that allow you to set the proportions for the bars. However, if you mix ratios and numbers, the things you focus on will be dispersed and difficult to transmit. It will be easier if you create a separate pie chart or bar chart separately.
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