Pie chart image creation and overview

It is a tool that can easily create a pie chart image. When should I use a pie chart? The advantages, disadvantages, and outlines of pie charts are also summarized.

When do you use pie charts?

Pie charts are used to represent the percentage of the whole. An example is an attitude survey. It is effective when you want to pay attention to the proportion rather than the quantity.

Benefits of pie charts

  • ・ When you want to pay more attention to proportion than quantity
  • ・ When comparing items with a small number of items

Disadvantages of pie charts

  • ・ when expressing quantity
  • ・ When the number of items is large
  • · When comparing the size

Pie chart overview

A pie chart refers to a graph in which a round figure is divided into sectors to show some composition ratio. Pie charts are used in business and mass media as the most common graph representation method, Statologists often recommend not using pie charts. A pie chart is suitable for items with a small amount of information, as the area of ​​the graph may be squeezed and difficult to see if the number of items is large. Although 3D graphs look beautiful, they are avoided in business because the data ratio is difficult to convey accurately.
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