Radar chart image creation and overview

It is a tool that can easily create radar chart images. When should I use a radar chart? The advantages, disadvantages, and outlines of radar charts are also summarized.

When do you use radar charts?

Radar charts are used to show the overall trend. Examples include school grades and shop ratings. You can express which items are strong and which items are weak.

Radar chart merits

  • · Good at evaluating similar attributes
  • ・ When expressing strengths / weaknesses
  • · When comparing multiple items

Demerits of radar chart

  • ・ It is necessary to decide the standard of upper limit ・ tick mark
  • ・ There is no standard

Radar chart overview

Radar charts are graphs that allow you to compare the size of multiple items at a glance. Radar charts are also called spider web graphs. It is suitable for comparing similar or opposite attributes such as shop evaluation and grade evaluation. It is useful for explaining the whole picture briefly.
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